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Gift Box with Ornamental Heart  9 cm - Multicolor with ribbon
Gift Box with Ornamental Heart 9 cm - Multicolor with ribbon
3,90 EUR
Special offers

"Paradise" Wall Clock With Lasercut Design - Blue

instead 32,80 EUR
only 28,00 EUR

"I-embrace-you" Artist Cross

Artist: Wolfgang Schulenburg
Technique: Acrylic on fir wood with partial gold filling
Size: width 21 cm, height 20 cm, depth 2 cm (other sizes are available on demand)
Colors: Crosses are available in a wide variety of colours, ranging from strong and lucid ones to pastel-like tones

These crosses are handmade by the artist himself. Each cross is unique and comes with the signature of the artist on the back and a text card explaining the title of the cross. This product is available in the Creadeus-Shop (Category: Wall Crosses). Due to the illness of the artist, only limited quantities are available. Please contact us if you want to order a cross - we'll be glad to send you photos of the remaining crosses.

Artist's comment:

Why does the cross have such unconventional dimensions?

by Wolfang Schulenburg

Most crosses share the same conventional layout – a short crossbeam combined with a long vertical. When looking at such a cross, I get the feeling its layout emphasis the distance between God and me – “ I am down here on earth while the Lord is high above in the heavens”. My faith tells me something different though.

Jesus describes God as a loving and caring father. He welcomes his children with arms wide open, longing for them – and in his embrace they find comfort and tenderness.

These images deeply move me, as I am a father myself. I have four sons of whom I am very proud of. Every time they need help I am there to hug and comfort them. As a loving father it is my foremost wish to let my children know how fond I am of them – and I genuinely believe God has the same kind of feelings for us.

I wanted to emphasize this aspect by altering the layout of the cross in my new works. The wide crossbeam symbolizes the Lord’s widespread arms. The short vertical illustrates that God is not high above us but indeed right among his children, because only then it is possible for a loving embrace to take place.

Furthermore, the bright and friendly colors used in these works express his gentleness and affection.

Our God is wonderful and loving. The Lord longs to be close to his children and his arms are wide open...

Acrylic on poplar, width 80 cm, height 30 cm, depth 4 cm

Acrylic on poplar, width - 80 cm, height - 30 cm, depth 4 cm

Acrylic and gold pigments on poplar, width 121 cm, height 55cm, depth 2 cm

Acrylic and gold pigments on poplar, width 114 cm, height 88 cm, depth 4 cm

The crosses shown above were created by Wolfgang Schulenburg for the Don-Bosco House in Mölln ( If you are interested in a one-of-a-kind "I-embrace-you" Artist Cross for your church or Christian facility, please contact us.

Wolfgang Schulenburg, Painter/Sculptor and Owner of Creadeus, Contact:

For further information on Wolfgang Schulenburg's work take a look at his secular art gallery -

Wolfgang Schulenburg's aquarell paintings for the Israel Conference

Brief explanations to help you connect with the message of the paintings:

Cross >> Salvation --- Spiral >> Life --- Star of David >> Divine Jersualem

White & Yellow >> Light --- Ochre >> Earth --- Red >> Blood of Christ --- Blue >> Hope of Israel --- Black >> Darkness

Salt >> "We are the salt of the earth." --- Water >> "Water of Life" --- Colours >> Light, Harmony & Joyfulness

Wolfgang Schulenburg, November 2006

A selection of Wolfgang Schulenburg's watercolour paintings is shown on this site. Click on any of the images below for an enlarged version of the picture.

Information about the Paintings: Framed in a high-quality 30 x 40 cm passepartout (colour: white; thickness: 2,5 mm). The diagonal cut display window measures 20 x 30 cm. Each painting is a one-off, hand-signed original. If you are interested in purchasing one of these unique paintings simply mail to

#1 & #2

#3 & #4

#5 & #6

#7 & #8

#9 & #10

#11 & #12

#13 & #14

#15 & #16

#17 & #18

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